Garden consultation

We would be happy to advise you on all matters regarding garden design and the financing of your project.

Garden design

When it comes to garden design, quality and harmony are especially important to us. With a wide selection of materials, various design techniques and a high standard of performance, we want to bring a piece of paradise to your home.

Pool construction

Enjoy the warm summer days in your own garden! We deliver and install your desired pool professionally and take care of further implementation into your garden. Of course we take care of a professional installation and harmonious integration into the overall picture.

Green areas

Plants purify the air and bring a soothing, relaxing atmosphere to our environment. Immerse yourself in your own green world. We provide a great variety of plants including professional plantation.

Professional care service

Of course, we also offer our maintenance service. This includes professional pruning of trees, hedges, shrubs and perennials. We also always welcome other requests.

Green roofing

Green roofing has many advantages. On the one handside it makes up an ecological alternative to common roofing. Not only does it act as an air purifier, but it can also present a new habitat for flora and fauna. On the other handside green roofing can have an advantage for you personally as well. It can provide protection from heat in the summer time as well as protection from noise. It also protects the roof itself.